Saturday, March 7, 2015

firearm storage in Port Canaveral Florida?

I am going on vacation to Florida in September. I'm going on a cruise and then drive around Florida awhile.  Can't take a gun on the cruise.  Is there a commercial storage facility in or near Port Caneveral?


  1. I'd ask the cruise company. Anonymously, perhaps. I doubt this would be a new thing to them.

  2. maybe a gun shop in the area? or a friendly fan of your work??

  3. Is this a cruise with a hotel included? Sidearms only? Same Hotel coming and going? If so, you may leave them with hotel Security or the Hotel's security boxes. There will be a fee involved.
    Still, you may want to check with them first. It won't be the first time they deal with guns.
    If it is a Marriot, they are jerks about guns so don't bother.