Saturday, March 7, 2015

I Am Hoping This Might Be Enough to Upset the Academics Who Aren't Bothered By the Decapitations of People For Being Christians or Burning People To Death

From March 7, 2015 AP:

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi officials in the northern city of Mosul said Saturday that militants with the Islamic State group have begun demolishing the ancient archaeological site of Hatra in northern Iraq in a push to rid its territory of symbols it says promote idolatry.

An official with the ministry of tourism and antiquities' archaeological division in Mosul told The Associated Press that multiple residents living near Hatra heard two large explosions this morning, then reported seeing bulldozers begin demolishing the site. He spoke anonymously for fear of reprisal.


The Sunni extremist group has been campaigning to purge ancient relics they say promote idolatry that violates their fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law. A video they released last week shows them smashing artifacts in the Mosul museum and in January, the group burned hundreds of books from the Mosul library and Mosul University, including many rare manuscripts.

On Friday, the group looted artifacts from Nimrud, a 3,000-year-old city in Iraq, and bulldozed it in a move United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon declared "a war crime."
Of course, they will blame Bush.  Now if we can get them to destroy a memorial to Harvey Milk or Margaret Sager, they will put on their "concerned" look.

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  1. Middle-Easterners gave the world civilization but forgot to keep a copy for themselves.