Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Watching Daytime TV Requires Soul-Scrubbing Afterwards

Steve Wilkos' show seems to be a steady stream of black men defending themselves from paternity claims and accusations of having molested the current woman's daughter.  Why you would voluntarily go on a show like this to defend yourself, and then offer such lame responses looks like something the KKK would produce to make black people lokk stupid and depraved.  That trash TV like this has a mass audience, is very disturbing.


  1. Clayton:
    Good to see your sense of humo(u)r is unimpaired. And on the topic under discussion, I would remind you of what the emminent philosopher P. T. Barnum is alleged to have said regarding such things:
    "Nobody ever went broke understimating the taste of the American public"

  2. (good to hear you are recovering, Clayton.)

    Kind of makes one wonder just who the target audience of the show actually is...