Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time to Adjust My Portfolio

A couple  years back, I bought a number of preferred stocks and other equities with high dividends.  Mostly, these have worked out well.  ..  Barclays Preferred (BCS:PRD) has a current annual yield of 7.89%.  Relative to  paid for it, it is still an 8.5% yield. Others have been disappointing.  Atlantic Power (AT) currently has a 14.32% yield.  The stock has fallen in value since I bought but even relative what I paid for my 1000 shares, it is still a 2.65% annual yield. Not great but better than a CD or money market fund.  Some of my more recent purchases have performed very well, like FrontierTelephone (FTR) which has a current yield of 6.17%, and compared to where I bought it, is returning 9.1% annual yield based on what I paid for it, but also $1500 IN EQUITY GROWTH.  a COUPLE OF HIGH YIELD STOCKS THAT STOPPED PATING dividends need to be sold, and replaced with stocks Suburban Propane..

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