Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Not everyone is in the rehab ward because of strokes.  In many cases, there are young people here with stitches completely traversing their scalps.  Traumatic brain injury cases, usually because of car crashes.  One really tragic case is a young (20s) man, who sits in a whheelchair with a completely vacant look.  Sometimes at night I can hear him whining or crying.  I don't think he is in pain, so much as disheartened by his inability to communicate with anyone.  My wife says that she soe time sees his father sitting with him, with a  thoroughly dejected and lost look on the father's face. What a tragedy.  Seat belts, air bags, driving carefully and soberly, are all very good ideas when you see these tragedies.

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  1. I do some clinical rotations in drug rehab wards. Now THAT is sad. Such bright, handsome and cheerful kids, with such horrible problems.
    It's bad enough when older guys like us end up where you are now, but these kids?