Monday, September 15, 2014

New CDC Smoking Ads

Being in the hospital means that I am seeing advertising again.  If I never see another of the stupid Fiat 500 ads that is fine.  But CDCs antismoking ads are powerful, like this one.

Wgile I don't like Nanny State nonsense ar least these are attempts to persuade not order or force, the approach that should be used for disxouraging drug abuse.

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  1. I hope the horrors depicted in the CDC anti-smoking campaign have some effect, but I doubt it is a huge one. But if even a few stop or never start that is a good thing

    I remember back in the 70's in CA the health films depicting the scary things that could happen if you smoke--interviews and pictures. Unfortunately I think most kids tuned it out and said to themselves "that would never happen to me." Then they would sneak out behind a building during class break and smoke.

    Statistically most who smoke won't see the most extreme horrors depicted, but most will have shot lungs and pulmonary disease, heart problems, etc that will shorten their life or at the least make the final years unpleasant.

    I know plenty of people that still smoke even after seeing others die from it.

    I never took up the cigarette. The horror of watching a smoker parent die of lung cancer at age 52 makes me glad I didn't. Then there is the memories of watching the nurses vacuum out my grandpa's emphysema lungs as he was in a coma dying. The joys of 60+ years of smoking.

    Though I do wonder if the years of breathing their second hand smoke will have an effect on me down the road.

    Nasty habit.