Thursday, December 21, 2023

Let Us Now Praise Great Service

I bought a Lenovo P17 Gen.2 three? Years ago.  This was a high-end laptop: i9 processor, eight cores, sixteen threads, 64GB RAM, 1 TB SSD.  I have since upgraded to 128GB RAM (and I have once seen an out of RAM message although how on VM processor eludes me) and added a 2TB SSD.  It is amazing how rapidly astrophotography imaging and keeping a big chunk of American history primary source documents gobble up space 

A few months back, I started experiencing two difficult failures: the laptop monitor would suddenly go black along with external monitor connected via HDMI to the laptop.  Then the second external monitor (USB) would flash black.  Everyone then came back to proper displays.

Less frequently it would just hang and require power off and on.  Frequently, Windows 11's version of the blue screen of death would appear saying that something went wrong, it was reporting the problem and then eventually it rebooted.

I installed one of those temperature monitor programs and my CPUs were often reaching 100 C.  Fan failure?  Fortunately because this beast was as an expensive as an okay used car, I bought the extended warranty on it with service at your place of business.  I am glad that I did.

Lenovo sent out a technician literally the 2nd day with a replacement for the system board which includes the CPU, fans, and heat sinks.  And a very nice and clearly incredibly knowledgeable technician.  He took it apart, identified that overheating likely melted the thermal paste causing it to bubble and cease transferring heat.  He replaced the system board and in 90 minutes had it working again with CPUs running 30-40 C.

Very impressive service.  Nice guy who was amused by my stories of the old days (8088 PCs with 640KB of addressable RAM).

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  1. Good service is becoming a thing of the past. Glad it worked out...

    Backups are thing - I'm sure you know that...