Thursday, August 3, 2023

Someone Must Make One Of These

I was watching a Blondihacks video and she was using an end stop holder.  If you are a machinist, you know that being able to put a workpiece against something in a fixed position means you do not need to use the edge finder to set zero for each new part.  Usually I use the edge of the jaws or the inside of the mill vise to align the part.  But what if the workpiece is too small to align on the other jaws?  

What Blondihacks was using was a magnetic base thing that adjusted up and down holding a rod.  This is exactly what I need but going into the Sherline t-slots.  (The Sherline table is aluminum.). Or just about anything that attachs via T-slot that can hold a bar or rod and can be squared to the end of the table.


  1. There are some on Amazon search for "mill end stop" or "mill work stop" - though the 2nd will bring up fancy millwork. You need to know if you have 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch T-slots... a couple say "will not fit benchtop mills"

  2. Thank you. Yes, one only fits 5/8" wide T-slots. Most seem to be Chinese. Taiwan must make them, if I can find them.

    1. Travers used to make them in America but for 5/8" T-slots.