Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Mill End Stop

Everything on Amazon was Chinese.  Little Machine Shop had a nice cheap one but also made in PRC.  There was an American maker but they seemed to have stopped production.

It is really simple enough to make one.  Two blocks with a rod between them and a hole through the upper block that the stop rod (or maybe even just a long screw) goes through the upper block.  A set screw locks the vertical rod to the base.  A thumbscrew locks the upper block to the rod and another thumbscrew locks the horizontal stop rod in position in the upper block.  

There are two strategies for attaching the base to the table.  Use a 10-32 screw to the T-nut.

That is unlikely to give consistent square to the table.  This is not strictly necessary because the stop is not specific to anywhere except where the last workpiece was located.  I could cut the base of the bottom block to slide into the T-slot with a small nylon thumbscrew to hold it in position.  

Getting T-nuts into the Sherline T-slots is not easy.  They look square but seem to only want to slide in for one orientation.  I will make the T-slot part of the base just small enough to slide in easily. The length of the base block relative to the .2512" width of the slot should make it consistently square.

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