Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Paranoia Strikes Deep, Into Your Life It Will Creep

Michael Yon is claiming the Chinese military is moving north from Panama to invade the U.S.  with active U.S. military cooperation.  He provides no evidence for this claim.  Of course, if the PLA was doing so, they would not be in uniform or identifying themselves as such.

There is another problem with this claim.  If you wanted to put a bunch of heavily armed Chinese soldiers in the U.S. to do maximum damage would it not be faster to fill several airliners with Chinese soldiers and luggage compartments filled with machine guns, ammunition, antitank and ManPADs?  Airport security is outward facing.  We have nothing facing the arrival gates.  Even if TSA tried to fight back, they would be rapidly outnumbered and outgunned.  A couple flights arriving at SFO, OAK, SAC, LAX, SEA, and PDX would be far more devastating than even ten thousand Chinese soldiers moving slowly north from Panama.

A Chinese cargo container ship could carry 1000 soldiers and cargo containers of small armored vehicles, maybe even tanks in nonstandard size containers.  A few IRBMs as well.  No port security would survive even a couple minutes of fire from such an arrival.  It would be an hour or so to utterly disrupt an American city from port invasion.  City police would be rapidly defeated and such an unexpected attack would never receive either Regular Army or National Guard troops in time to do any good.

The Chinese are not stupid.  Panama north by stealth is a stupid way to invade the U.S.
While I could easily believe that many of our woke generals might go along with a Biden scheme this monstrous, there are enough whistleblowers in the FBI to reveal the Biden Bribery.  Is it likely that no U S. troops would blow the whistle on something this monstrous?

By the way, the first two paragraphs are the opening chapter of a Red Dawn novel.


  1. The government has a categorization of 'other than Mexican' for those they catch who are not Mexican nationals - this includes obviously anyone else from S. America....it also includes those from the middle east, Asia, or anyone else who invades the US illegally.

    I don't know they sort further than that. For a reason.

  2. If Panama doesn't notice, nor Costa Rica, Honduras will, and certainly Guatemala and Mexico. THEY take their borders more seriously than Old Joe.

    1. All Mexico cares about with the people passing through, is that they PASS THROUGH.

    2. I understand they have stiff penalties for illegal entry.

  3. This was the plot of Chris Kennedy's Red Tide/Occupied Seattle books. Including shipping armor on a vehicle carrier that offloaded in Tacoma, and neutralizing JBLM and Bremerton.