Monday, June 26, 2023

Bread Slicer

Cutting consistent width slices is not so easy free-hand, so I just ordered a North Carolina made bread slicer.  Not automatic, you still have to cut each slice by hand.

The price is a bit higher than the probably Chinese made ones which had pretty poor reviews.  I cannot figure out how to create a link to the product using my sponsor code from my phone, but if you click the Amazon link in the right column the maker is A Happy Place.


  1. Get a good bread slicing knife - with a curved, wavy (serrated, sort of) blade.

    I use the one from Heinkels or Mercer, 10" or longer....makes a lot of difference.

  2. Although I have a very nice bread knife from Cutco, I find that my electric carving knife works best. The two blades cutting in opposition to each other provide, for me, less tearing and distortion.

  3. I bought a meat slicer on Amazon, originally for making beef jerky, but it came with a serrated (notched, really) blade that works wonderfully on bread. I marked the idea settings on it for bread slicing - slightly deeper to get the heel off the loaf and then 1/2" slices - which gives me 16 nice even slices per loaf. Now at the time that set me back a bit over $100, but I use it all the time.