Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Who or Where Was the Guy Who Stopped a Mall Shooting at an Incredible Distance in the Last Year or So?

It was briefly news.  A guy with an AR-15 shot and killed one person before a civilian took a 20 yard shot and disabled the shooter.

Found it!


  1. That was in Greenwood, Indiana - Eli Dicken was the 'good guy with a gun' - google his name and the town and you'll find a bunch of info - he was in the food court with his girlfriend when the shooting started - he fired his first shots at 42 yards, advanced to a closer distance and fired more. Total 10 shots, made 8 hits. No formal training on his part, his grandfather taught him. (Was his grandfather Ken Hackathorn?? )

    1. The old school self-defense rule was not to shoot over 7 yards because you should have the opportunity to flee, and over-zealous gun hating prosecutors would try to put you away forever. The thinking has changed in these days of active shooters, to seek out and engage these bastards at distances over 25 yards with carefully placed fire. Hence, "The Dicken Drill" now being taught at firearms training facilities around the country. I have done my own version at my range, simulating firing from behind cover with my handgun braced, and placing all my shots on vital areas. When I carry, I have two spare mags at my 7 0'clock. I will not run out of ammo and be able to engage more than one target.