Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Corvette Was Calling My Name

More precisely a nice young salesman named Michael Melendez at Hometown Chevrolet in Fruitland somehow figured out that I had a Corvette jones.  I admit that yes, this is the last realistic item for the man who has or can afford everything.   It was not the convertible but it had the 3LT interior package which are the same seats as the 2LT package.   The only disappointment with my Jaguar XF is that the seats are not sufficiently supportive and seat customizers here say that the structure does not allow for any improvement even at absurd pricing.

Anyway, this was a blue hardtop (removable roof panel). The seats are very supportive.  It had not been driven except off the transporter so we just took it for a spin in the parking lot.  

Corvettes have had one year wait times for several years.  (Down to six months now.) This one was available because the guy who put down a $10,000 deposit when he ordered it has had some financial reverses and some financing problems so this bargain-priced supercar was available. 

Mr. Melendez tried to make the sale but took it well when I explained the convertible need.

If you need to spend something under $100,000 on the ultimate car, give him a call.  Perhaps if the expert witness stuff keeps coming my way, I will just pay cash for one.

And by the way, even the hardtop is an amazing car.  The seat bolsters are adjustable to hold you in place during those 1G turns.
It feels so neat that I felt a little guilty getting back into the Jaguar.  I think I heard it grumbling.

I wonder if aftermarket seats for the Jaguar might be the solution. Even $2000 on comfortable seats in a car I really love makes more sense than $85,000 on one of the world's best cars. But there are no Recaro dealers near me (like hundreds of miles). Who competes with Recaro?

I found an exploded parts diagram of the Jaguar seat.   There is an assembly labeled seat spring under the cushion which might be worn out.  A local car upholstery shop says it could be either and I am going to have them take a look.  I suspect something is worn out because the seldom used passenger seat is much more supportive and does not crush down when I sit in it.


  1. I have never actually gotten butt-in-seat for Recaros, but I had always heard back in the eighties that they were the best. The side bolsters are very important, When I drove my mother's Oldsmobile Omega I would hook my left elbow on the seat back when I made a (higher) g turn.

  2. Convertible need? What is that?