Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Buying Idaho Municipal Bonds

 Yes, it is time.  A few of the odd collections of stocks that I own still have high yields, like PVL with a 15.92% yield, but some of the others have taxable yields higher than the tax-exempt municipal bonds.  Time to take those behind the barn and shoot 'em.

I am waiting for some sell transactions to complete but Id Hlth Fac Auth Rev REV 3% 03/01/2051 Callable has a yield to worst of 4.393% first callable in 2032, by which point I may not care.  Remember that is exempt from both federal and Idaho income tax.  That is equivalent to 6.56% taxable income in my marginal tax bracket and is safer than almost any stock.  Reducing taxes to the most wastrel entity that taxes me is a win as well.

The market is rising today, so I may do this over several days.

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