Friday, November 25, 2022

I Do NOT Have a Monitor Problem. . .

I have a desk space problem. 
The new one is still speaking through a Lenovo USB to HDMI converter that will not do 4K.  A new converter is coming.


  1. Many years ago I switched to wireless keyboard and mouse and moved my monitors onto TV mounts fixed to the wall, and finally, for the first time since the mid 80s, had an actual desk again.

    You've a window, so can't mount your monitors to the wall, but you can find monitor stands that clamp to a desk edge, if you go looking for them.

    1. Thanks. I will hunt them up. Can I get five monitors? :-)

    2. I've never used more than four - and one was an open laptop.
      Of course, I rarely have more than three VMs running.

    3. I didn't go with the wall mount, but with the desk mount. A post clamps to the back of the desk, and holds both monitors in basically the configuration you have in your photo..

      Amazon has them cheaper than list price.

      It just leaves room for more junk to collect under the monitor. (Altoids tin, pocket knife, some bills, etc.)

  2. I cannot have a window in front of me. The incoming lights bothers me to no end.
    My monitors are set vertically.

  3. When the Sun rises the blinds are closed.