Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Elephant Seals

Silly creatures 


  1. Did they bring their trunks?

    Thank you, I'll show myself out

  2. Is this near San Simeon? Were you there when a docent was there? They have scraps of the shed skin and fur the elephant seals shed every spring that you can actually handle.

    1. Just north of San Simeon. No. I understand they smell bad.

    2. The piece the docent had when we were there must have been washed. I didn't notice any smell, and no one else mentioned any. The hairs were all about an inch and a quarter long, and pierced the skin so they were held at about the midpoint of the hairs. The hairs were tightly held together, so I suppose to get any insulation there had to be a lot of oil in the hair and skin, which would account for the bad smell.
      Something our docent didn't mention.