Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Amazing Film

 Knowing (2009), starring Nicholas Cage.  It starts out as a science fiction thriller as an MIT cosmologist tries to figure out why a sheet of numbers from a 1959 time capsule are very precisely predicting the location and number of deaths from major tragedies while a colleague is becoming concerned about a planet-threatening solar superflare.  Then it transforms into a very touching story of the Apocalypse.  I am sure many fundamentalists, if they saw this film would be upset.  The Rapture turns out to be way more selective than most have prophesied.

An unusual mixture of film types, this is for sure.  How many Apocalypse/science fiction/romance films are filmed in Massachusetts?  It was great fun to watch; both language and violence are well within any family-friendly standards.  It is pretty intense, however.  Even the handgun the protagonist buys to deal with what he mistakenly believes is a terrorist attack never gets fired.

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