Monday, May 30, 2022

Marvelous Satire

I am reading a very funny free sci-fi novel on Kindle titled Shiny Metal Boxes.  Imagine all the marketing madness of current data mining apps combined with severely inflated prices and a widely used corneal implant that provides all of the useful features of your cell phone by looking at a virtual icon.  Double blink executes that icon.

Our protagonist is trying to figure out if her employer's corneal implant eyeGo (did Apple trademark the i?) is making people sick.  I cannot copy and paste from Kindle but many sections are wonderful satire of our current maddeningly marketing driven antisocial media.

The discussion of news media pandering about an asteroid with a 1:8 chance of hitting Earth in 3472 shows enormous awareness.

It just gets better: quantum entanglement leads to remote viewing of planets all over the galaxy (wormholescopes) and then pointed back at far distant Earth, recording Earth's past.  This leads to lawsuits over barely past wrongs.  The government takes over history recording and stops the suits.  "With the lawsuit rush over, lawyers settled for fewer yachts."

I just figured out screenshots

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