Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A Profoundly Sad Professional Assessment of Uvalde PD Clown Show

Someone with professional training on Active Shooter incidents details what they did wrong.  It is tragic.

"Two major questions here: Why were these doors unlocked for the killer to enter, but worked well enough when he locked them to allegedly keep the police out for a long period of time?...
"In the latest briefing, we are told officers from the school district police department and the local Uvalde police department were on the scene within four minutes. They reportedly watched the shooter walk into the school, walk twenty feet in one direction, twenty feet in another direction, and then enter the classroom, where they heard him start shooting. There are reports that at some point he shot at and wounded some of them, but not seriously."

He brings up the shooter's known video game obsession before it became known that many of these were first person shooter games.  Of course, how could this matter?
"While that is all we know so far, I’ll hazard a guess this included violent video games where participants are constantly firing digital weapons and either “killing” opponents or getting “killed”. Some of these games feature ways to get a second and third, etc., life restored, as if death is not final."
And of course how did he debit $5000 of guns, ammo, and equipment on a part-time job at Wendy's?

Remember, it is all about the guns.  The government cannot stop an active shooter after 40 minutes.   It cannot report disqualifying events to the FBI.  So it is competent to seize 20 million AR-15s?

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