Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Are You Worried Democrats Will Realize They Blew It With "Defund the Police"?

 Max Boot's 2/1/22 Washington Post op-ed "When it comes to crime, Democrats are in danger of being mugged by reality" is yet another Never Trumper trying to save the Democrats from themselves.  It is a well-argued piece observing that progressive attempts at criminal justice "reform" are going to sink Democrats under a tidal wave of rising violent crime, much of it victimizing blacks and Hispanics. 

The comments section shows how utterly a separate universe much of the left lives in on this issue.  They blame Republicans pushing guns into Blue states (how, exactly?) Republican attack ads, and insisting:

As a country we know what needs to be done, thousands of papers, think tanks, news show addressing the issue and yet the poor are living in tents yet politicians do nothing to promote change why because of racism in this country. The same racism and gate community white people are above approach. As the GOP dig in, with their un-democratic views for the American people the more you are going to have an escalation of crime, once again we have generations encountering a hopeless feeling and acting out in a un directed manner.


"Snitches get stitches" are found in the rich zip codes of elite children. There parents get them out of trouble because they are connected. We live in a society where only minorities commit all the crimes. Chris Christie need to ensure that the for profit prisons have a steady stream of individuals to keep them operating. Doesn't matter if these minority lives are destroyed after all white people have to be in charge.

 Let's put the spot light on all of the Rittenhouses and there are many of them in this country


Fox is describing cities as hells of America; but it's the rural white voters who watch Fox not New Yorkers. Fox also paints Jan 6th as a peaceful walk-in-park and recycles those gruesome footages as BLM protests.

Author's concerns are valid, but in the word of Republicans - cities are problem of democrats not theirs. So why do they care? GOP can almost successfully troll of voters on any real or made up agenda and it always works.

Aren't voters to blame to fall into GOP trap each time and not learn from their mistakes?

The point of this claim?  That Republicans do not care if Democrats make hellholes of America's cities?  There were a few intelligent responses.  Liberal Idealist insisted with reference to Biden's superpredator crime bill:

A generation of black men where locked away because of these bills. Many for small drug possession. Yet, Trump proudly says he wanted to overturn the government and crickets from law enforcement.

The only difference is skin color and economic status.

CalifMike observed:

An entire generation? I think you just offended a lot of Black Americans.

However, some of them were "locked away" because they committed some crimes, and not because of those laws.

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