Saturday, December 25, 2021

Who is Bill Gates Trying to Kill With COVID-19?

An interesting article from Psychology Today explains Informational Learned Helplessness:
  • Learned helplessness can explain why some people become depressed; when we don’t perceive we have an effect on our own lives, we can give up.
  • Informational learned helplessness expands this concept to our online lives, explaining why we may become overwhelmed by a quest for truth.
  • Better practices by media organizations might make it easier for us to discern truth from fiction and reduce our cognitive exhaustion."
Along with some important ways to improve news coverage, what is fascinating is that where some conspiracy buffs imagine that Gates created COVID-19 to kill the white population of the U S. to replace us with Chinese, in Russia Gates is trying to kill Russians and Chinese.  

I get it!  He is killing all of us to replace us with lizard people!

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