Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Reasons to Leave California

Click here to see the views that I could never afford there.
Spring 2019

Winter 2014

Spring 2012

Share with your friends who can barely afford one bedroom in a bad section of S.F.


Unknown said...

But in SF one can look out the window and watch homeless deficate on the sidewalk and same sex love!

Unknown said...

Though in Tehachapi I think you can still get nice views like that which aren't crazy high. But then it would be like living in Israel surrounded by hostile neighbors (the rest of CA).

Eskyman said...

OK, but show us the beachfront view....

jon spencer said...

After global warming and the seas rise, this will be ocean front property.
Lived with a water view for 20+ years, it was nice and I do miss it some.