Thursday, May 2, 2019

American Arms PX-22

I have mentioned this pistol before.  It is a licensed copy of the Walther PPK that was made in the U.S. some years ago.  It will never be mistaken for a PPK in finish, but it works reliably with high velocity .22LR, and it is so compact and light you could carry in your swimsuit.  (I am assuming that you do not wear Speedos.)  It is not stainless steel so probably not recommended.  Obviously, not your main carry gun, but as a small backup, it is better than relying on a winning smile.

The real PPK locks open on the last shot.  There is no slide stop release.  After you put as new magazine in, you pull back on the slide and release it to load the first round off the new magazine.  This PX-22 has never locked back, ever.  After reviewing discussions in the PPK websites, I looked very carefully; it is clear that while a licensed copy, the PX-22 lacks the lock open of a real PPK.  Oh well, it isn't like you are going to drop the empty, slam, in a fresh magazine and press down on the slide stop release because the PX-22 is a heel magazine release.

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