Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Some Readers Have Dismissed the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

because statute of limitations has expired.  On this?  8/14/18 Fortune:
Among the horrific revelations of a 1,356-page Pennsylvania grand jury reportthat found more than 1,000 identifiable child victims were abused by over 300 Catholic priests, one stands out starkly: Priests allegedly used church property to produce child pornography.
With one priest, George Zirwas, the grand jury says his diocese knew of complaints starting in 1987 that he purportedly sexually abused children. Zirwas was shuffled among positions until he was placed on “personal leave” in 1995, which lasted until he was murdered in Havana, Cuba, in May 2001. The report claims Zirwas and three other priests created child pornography in parishes and rectories using whips, violence, and sadism while raping their victims.

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