Sunday, September 2, 2018

Making Alternate Points of View Disappear

A reader tells me that Firefox had a special "Focus" browser for iOS (note, by fiat all app store iOS browsers are skins over the rendering engine Safari uses), which included a nifty feature of also providing its block list to Safari if you want.  But while doing my due diligence, I checked the most recent reviews of Focus, and lo and behold, the SJWs who are notoriously running Mozilla now are suppressing access to conservative sites per this screen shotted review, which I've cropped including removing the author.  It's quite new, probably within the last few days, no more than 2 weeks old:

I had not switched to his new browser when it was first in beta.  Downloading it now.

Using it now.  Seems to be snappier than Chrome.


John Cunningham said...

Brave us a decent browser. It's Eich's project. I use Opera myself.

Jim said...

I use chrome and I can't say I'm happy about it. It's a tough choice: live with Google probably watching your every Internet move or support (even if not directly) a bunch of fascists.

James Gibson said...

My cousin was asking if any of his friends had circumvented the Facebook Algorithm. Perhaps I should send him the info on Eich's project.

Eskyman said...

I mostly use Opera, but Brave is good. Firefox lost me for good when they fired Eich.

Long ago I tried out Chrome, but didn't like it much so I took it off the taskbar. Since I didn't see it, I thought it wasn't running. Then just recently I found it was still running in the background, it had never stopped!

It isn't running any more, I've uninstalled it and sprinkled salt where it used to be! (Yeah, I'm kidding about the salt.)

I'm cutting down my reliance on Google & FB and I've also changed my personal email to ProtonMail. I'm using Gmail for the junk mail, but ProtonMail for important & personal mail; I've an eye to eventually shutting down my gmail acct entirely.

Google no longer even pretends to "not be evil," so measures need to be taken.

Will said...

perhaps you should be asking what is your definition of fascism. If you are using the Lefts', you are playing their game, which includes Google and all the rest.