Thursday, August 2, 2018

As Instapundit Asks, "Why are Leftist Controlled Institutions Such Hotbeds of Racism?"

8/2/18 Boston Globe:
The rising sophomore at Smith College was quietly eating her lunch in a campus common room when a police officer approached her Tuesday afternoon.
A college employee had called police to report someone who “seemed out of place” in a Smith building that was being used for a summer program. But when campus police arrived, they found a Smith student, taking a break from her campus job.
There was “nothing suspicious about the student’s presence,” the school said in a statement released Wednesday about the incident, the latest example of police being called to investigate black people in everyday situations.
Even better:
She wrote that a white college employee had reported her to the police as a “suspicious black male.” 
Racist and transphobic (or just confused)!

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Windy Wilson said...

We have to return as good as we get.
Racist AND transphobic. Nothing less will do honor to the lunacy of the left.