Thursday, August 2, 2018

Any Question Why the Left Wants Law-Abiding People Disarmed?

Then watch this video of Antifa's fight instructor, summarized here:
A new undercover video from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas features Antifa “fight instructors” teaching activists how to incapacitate political enemies by violently attacking them.
"If you get a good liver or kidney shot, it's pretty much crippling them," the Antifa instructor said. "They're going to be pretty much doubled over and in a lot of pain."
The instructor also recommended breaking one of the floating ribs to cause maximum pain in a victim. "It's hard to move after that -- to catch a breath," he added helpfully. He told the activists that once the target is incapacitated, they can either run away or "really put a beating on them" if they want to "make it personal."
I cannot imagine going anywhere that Antifa is demonstrating.  But if they decide to shut down cities in rage after the "blue wave" turns out to be 2 mm high, I will be armed to deal with criminal attacks that qualify as "great bodily injury."  (Breaking bones meets the requirement.)  The Democrats are preparing for civil war (just line in 1860); we better be as well.

Antifa is the Democratic Party's brownshirts (the previous Democratic Party auxillary, the KKK, is now out of fashion).


Rich Rostrom said...

"The Democrats are preparing for civil war (just like in 1860)..."

Let's be fair: it was Southern Democrats who initiated the rebellion (with Southern Whigs as accomplices after the fact). Northern Democrats, who were the majority of the Party, were solidly Union. Prominent Democrats like John McClernand, James Shields, John Logan, and Dan Sickles became Union generals. Sen. Stephen Douglas told Lincoln that he should call for 200,000 troops to put down rebellion, not just 75,000.

StormCchaser said...

I went to, and reported on an anti-Trump demonstrion that included Antifa and their heavily armed allies, Redneck Revolt. It was a bit chilling. I didn't identify myself, especially since I'm a conservative.

You can read my report at PJMedia:

Unfortunately, they didn't use the photos I had of the masked Antifa, nor the camo clad, AK carrying Redneck Revolt goons.

Clayton Cramer said...

There were pro-Union Democrats but also Copperheads like Clement Valladingham.

Clayton Cramer said...

StormCchasr: Glad to see you could get something published there. I misplaced Moran's email a while back, so I have been unable to submit anything to them. Can you email me a submission email.