Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Remember : House of Cards Was Not a Documentary

At least it wasn't supposed to be.  Frank Underwood (initials: FU) was brilliantly portrayed by Kevin Spacey as an utterly depraved, bisexual, power mad politician.  And this 7/3/18 BBC story seems to confirm that as George Harrison's song explained, "All I got to do is act naturally."
The Met Police are investigating three more claims of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey, the BBC understands.
Between February and April of this year, police received allegations that the American actor sexually assaulted men in London and Gloucester.
This brings the number of claims against Spacey being investigated by London police to six - five complaints of sexual assault and one of assault.
The police have not confirmed the name of the person being investigated.
Two of the latest allegations are said to have occurred in London - Westminster (1996) and Lambeth (2008) - and the third in Gloucester (2013).
In 2017 the police received one allegation of assault said to have taken place in Lambeth (2008) and two sexual assault claims - one in Lambeth and the other in Westminster, both in 2005.

Really a shame.  He is a talented actor and produced a stupendous roman a clef about the Clintons.  I wonder how many others watched House of Cards and recognized the Clintons and the Swamp Creatures.

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