Tuesday, July 24, 2018

For You Californians

I am at a gas station that charges $2.89 per gallon for unleaded.  And you are still behind enemy lines because of?


BFR said...


Just say no. Please, PLEASE stop enticing those who created the problem to come here and duplicate their efforts. Just because rats want to flee a sinking ship does not mean that they are not rats.

If they did not and do not have the wherewithal to stop the inexorable march through their institutions (re Gramsci), then why would you expect them to stand strong anywhere else.

There are no compartments; people do what they do because they are what they are, and they are what they are because they do what they do.

If they can successfully turn CA around, I might consider importing a few. Until then, they are demonstrable losers.

John Cunningham said...

To me, Any idiot still living in the People's Republic deserves all the commies are heaping on them. No cure for bone-deep imbecility.

Tim said...

2.55 here in Hampton Roads Virginia

tkc said...

Progressive answer, "We are still behind the enemy line of people who burn fossil fuels for a mere $2.89 and don't care about global warming enough to pay taxes to smart government people who promise to stop it."

Clayton Cramer said...

BFR: Why assume it was in their power? I worked very hard in the 1980s and 1990s to stop this madness, but stupid always wins.

BFR said...


All governments are within "their power"; I am sure you are familiar with "deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed".

The people of CA were insufficiently interested 50 years ago to kill the infant, of what is now a senile old murderous dictator.

You consistently apply some level of sentimental jury nullification because you lived there. All countries and their people either throw out the tyrants and statists, or consent to live in bondage to them.

They need to do what it takes to change their own environment rather than fleeing and despoiling another. Here is my counsel to them, preferably given across an impenetrable border:

"If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom,
go home [stay away] from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms [that you have willingly surrendered]. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Clayton Cramer said...

BFR: It may have been within the collective power of the people of Cal. to do so, but many individuals tried and failed. Would you deny refugees from the Soviet Union permission to come here? Imagine if we had not allowed Ayn Rand or Sikorsky to emigrate?

Eskyman said...

Those who think this madness will never come to their State- have a look at your own schools. Your children are being taught this insanity, yet few seem to be aware of it.

This progressive craziness wasn't voted into power until the people had been brainwashed enough to let it happen. Take California as a warning, because it's coming to your state too!

BFR said...

For every Rand there are hundreds of Russian mobsters; I know that factually and experientially.

Deny refugees? Absolutely. No one has a right to immigrate, just like no one has a right to come into your house.
And yes, to keep out the bad, I would keep out the far less numerous Rands, etc.

Clayton Cramer said...

BFR: How about if we have them show us their AR-15 at the border?

BFR said...


That is why we home-schooled our children in the 70's, and our grandchildren have all been home-schooled.

That is also why I view with contempt so-called and self-described conservatives who complain and object to government over-reach, all the while feeding their children into the maw of the statist government school system.

Molech, as the bronze idol, was heated until the arms of the statue glowed red, and then the children were burned alive to obtain a prosperous coming year. Molech no longer lives in the Valley of Tophet; he lives in every town and his name has been changed to "Public School".

Every time you see the yellow bus you are seeing another shipment of good little bolsheviks in the making.

Clayton Cramer said...

BFR: The good news is that public schools teach communism as well as they teach history and math. The newsertainment media are more responsible for this.

I think highly of homeschooling, although I see a number of serious problems in the homeschoolers that I know from church and in the classroom where I teach.

Private Christian schools are too beholden to satisfying the often confused priorities of the parents who pay all the costs. Private Christian schools need to be heavily subsidized by their churches so that they can say, "Vandalizing the school as an end of semester prank is not okay," and "You are paying for an education, not an A."

BFR said...

"...a number of serious problems in the homeschoolers that I know from church and in the classroom where I teach."


Requirements include knowing that syntax is not a levy placed upon alcohol and tobacco, and that fists are not used for holding a writing implement.