Monday, June 4, 2018

What a Baker Does in Private is None of the Government's Business

Reuters reports that the Court had ruled that freedom of religion allows you to refuse to bake a cake against your conscience.   They were careful not to challenge antidiscrimination laws in general which are so longstanding and to challenge severe racial discrimination often encouraged or required by state and local governments.   The Gaystapo is being told to stop the abuse of those who want to say " No," instead of forcing them over the counter and saying,  "Do as I say and enjoy it. "

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StormCchaser said...

Sadly, I believe the decision was to narrow - basically finding that the government commission was strongly biased against Christians. It would have been better if they found that the government cannot force anyone to sell to anyone if it violates their religious beliefs - except in the strongest "compelling interests" case. In other words, if they had really upheld the First Amendment's two religious liberty clauses - the very first clauses in the Bill of Rights.