Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Warning: Riflescopes Are Gun Parts to PayPal

I assumed that because riflescopes are often sold on eBay (39,406 riflescopes there at the moment) and nearly all eBay payments are through PayPal, that riflescopes are not "gun parts" which are prohibited for PayPal transactions.  I have suffered no injury from this policy, but clearly selling through eBay is not safe.  I guess PayPal has adopted the Google policy: "Don't be not evil."


Miguel GFZ said...

Never make a business transaction payment via Paypal with anything gun related. Just send money to your "friends"

Jeff said...

I checked PayPal's policies yesterday, and scopes are not named as prohibited gun parts or accessories.

Clayton Cramer said...

John: Not named but not excluded. When I spoke to a PayPal rep, he said not to use PayPal for scopes.