Thursday, June 7, 2018

Places to Shoot in Southern Boise County

If you live in Idaho, you are probably thinking, "Isn't that everywhere?"  No.  Private property owners may not want the noise or hazard of a ricochet, and some areas lack adequate backstops.  Amazingly enough, I live in a development with "no shooting" in the CC&Rs.  (I don't mind for the reasons above.) 

I recalled a spot on Harris Creek Road east of Horseshoe Bend, that while not a formal pistol range, had a constructed dirt backstop facing away from the road.  I went searching today, without success.  But I did find two ideal spots 6 and 7 miles east of the Harris Creek Rd. and ID-55 junction.

In both cases, they are below the road, accessible by short roads from Harris Creek Road.  Neither requires 4WD, but you need some ground clearance; I took my wife's Jeep, not the Jaguar.  Both are flat spots of perhaps 1/2 acre with no significant visual barriers behind which hikers or animals might be missed.  Both have several miles of dirt and granite as backstop.  (Don't bring your armor piercing 2000mm cannon.)  There is no debris or shells on the ground, so leave them as you find them; I only shoot paper, plastic bottles, and metal cans in such places so I can clean up and leave the spot as nice as I found it. 

There is not enough room to work on your 1000 yard sighting in, but pistols and .22 rifles make sense.  If you live in Eagle or Boise, these are a shorter drive than Blacks Creek and other south of town locations.  They are also a billion times nicer: evergreens and deciduous trees, and usually much cooler (higher elevation and shade).

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