Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Film? Who Still Used Film in 2012?

11/15/13 Los Angeles Times article too repulsive to summarize (except for "Yuck!") involving a teacher sent to prison for 25 years (most of which he will regret with an intensity that he probably needs):
Berndt was arrested in January 2012 after a South Bay drugstore photo technician alerted authorities to images of children blindfolded, some with tape over their mouths, on film Berndt left at the store for processing.
And who is stupid enough to send stuff like that to a photo lab?


  1. It's an automated developing system. In theory, the tech shouldn't have to look at the images. ISTR that Tam ran one of those as an early job, and she would check the images for quality purposes. So, yeah, eyeballs might be pointed at your photos, but not guaranteed to happen.

  2. well. he is a LA School district teacher.

  3. Will: Automated system, but very easy and likely that someone will see them. Before we left California, a friend worked at the local grocery store as security. Developing called him over and showed him pictures of an elementary school ground focused on the girl's rear ends. It was the school where his daughter and ours attended.

    A couple days later, he saw the guy at the school, on school grounds taking more such pictures. So being a huge guy, he dragged the guy to the principal's office and explained the situation. The principal was mostly concerned John had brought this guy to the office by force. When asked about the pictures, the creep claimed the school district had hired his firm to take pictures. What firm? He did not remember who he worked for and declined to pick them out of the yellow pages. So off he went with the principal's apologies.