Saturday, June 2, 2018

Definition of Insanity

5/24/18 WLRN

Reports that parents of victims of the Parkland mass murder are suing Smith & Wesson for selling a gun that could be criminally misused.   You may recall a few years back that the gun control groups persuaded parents of a victim in the Aurora mass murder to sue Lucky Gunner for selling ammo.  Of course PLACA and the corresponding Colorado law meant not only that the makers won the suit, but the parents were stuck with a $220,000 bill for Lucky Gunner's legal fees.   I am guessing that the gun control groups either have learned nothing from that,  or they want to turn another set of parents into victims, not only of the tragedy that happened at Parkland, but also of the gun makers defending themselves from a meritless suit.  The lawyers pushing this clearly are bloodthirsty monsters.

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