Wednesday, May 2, 2018

HP Ink Cartridges

My wife has been complaining that the colors on our HP 6200 do not match the screen colors well.  I have been buying refilled cartridges for a couple of years now.  I replaced all with new HP cartridges and the colors are almost a perfect match.  The refillers likely get their ink from someone claiming it is the same, but it really isn't.  Because many colors are produced by composition of six different inks, even a slight difference on one will make all colors created from that off-ink wrong.


Unknown said...

With HP cartridges the thermal dosing tech is also within the cartridge, so while in practice one can refill (and refill, and refill) in theory the ink dispensing accuracy and position is going to be better on a new cartridge than on re-use of what has been manufactured to be a disposable item.

Gladorn said...

We did the ink refills for our old HP printer. Definitely saved on money, but we got what we paid for. We never printed out anything "professional," just maps, coupons, recipes, et al. The only time we needed anything printed out that went to others was around Christmas.

If I wanted good colors, I had to make sure I purchased the HP manufactured inks. I could tell a difference from the refills, but for our purposes they were fine.

Now if I was making a monthly newsletter, I'd have to pony up the money.