Thursday, May 24, 2018

Needed: Open Carry Holster for Medium Frame Semiauto

Either clip attachment or very large slots.   Flap would be nice, or security strap.  Went to the Boise Gun Co. Liquidation sale today.  There were hundreds of holsters at least, organized by the complete entropy scheme.  This to carry my wife's Colt .380 for protecting the spiff from these pesky coyotes.


  1. How fast do you want her to be able to get at it?

  2. Get her a Safepacker from "The Wilderness".

    Their quality is superb, and they stand behind their products.
    I have used their products for decades.

    And they have a 10% holiday sale right now.

  3. How fast do you expect her to need to get to it?

  4. Billy: Not spectacularly fast. The brush isn't deep enough Wiley to sneak up.

    BFR: Have a Safepacker. Need something that stays at her hip when the belly bag with her ID is slipped to the back.

  5. Has she considered/tried a shoulder rig? Especially an angled or horizontal carry style? Vertical tends to be problematic for females for several shape and size concerns.

    It doesn't take much of a holster to hold a .380 Colt. I've had women try on some of my rigs, and even .45acp doesn't seem to faze them for size and weight, but fit/comfort gets good comments.

    A very light vest seems to be the preferred style compliment to it, but open carry looks good if colors don't clash with the shirt. Depending on various factors, it can actually be very low profile, since the arms can hide a lot of the setup.

    For visual and weight balance, you can get rigs to carry spare mag(s), knives(fixed and folding), and wallet pockets. Some people prefer just a single side holster. Plain to very dressy in looks. Lots of options! Women like that in stuff they wear.