Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Today's Exotic Request

8-32 x 4" Torx or Allen head screw.   Black would be nice.  I can find Phillips head but I would like a drive not likely to be destroyed by repeated tightening.


Anonymous said...

If a socket-head cap screw would work, take a look at https://www.boltdepot.com/Product-Details.aspx?product=7953

Clayton Cramer said...


Will said...


black oxide: $2.99 / Each


stainless steel: $10.74 / Each


Socket head in that screw size is the only type head available for longer than about 2.5", according to the Fastenal web site.

Will said...

BTW, is 8*32 the largest you can fit in that application? When it comes to hardware, bigger is almost always better, especially in extended lengths. 10*32 is a common size.

Also, if at all possible, avoid using 6*32 when building things, as that is a very weak screw. Common to have the shank break.

Clayton Cramer said...

8-32 is the thread of the T-nut I need to screw into. I only use 6-32 for little or no load applications.