Monday, October 2, 2017

Terrorist Attack in Edmonton

A refugee from one of the countries on Trump's list.  10/1/17 Edmonton Journal:
Edmonton police say a suspect accused of going on a rampage with two vehicles Saturday night has been arrested to face several charges, including terror charges, attempted murder and dangerous driving. 
Police chief Rod Knecht said at a Sunday afternoon news conference that the man, who came to the attention of law enforcement in 2015 for “espousing extremist ideology” is believed to have acted alone.
Sources confirmed the identity of the man as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif. RCMP K-Division’s assistant commissioner Marlin Degrand said the man is a Somali national. The public safety minister’s office has said he is a refugee.
Knecht said four injured pedestrians suffered injuries ranging from broken limbs to brain bleeds. Two remain in hospital, the most serious with a fractured skull, and two have been released. 
PowerlineBlog has a picture of the ISIS flag on the front seat.

Trump is just a bigot!

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