Saturday, September 2, 2017

Why Do I Think Widespread Gun Ownership is a Good Idea?

I think civil war is coming.  Ace of Spades HQ has a very thoughtful essay, "Is America Now Officially Crazy?"  Not all of America, of course, but our elites, the ones who control our entertainment and news media (now with no clear boundary between them) ,and much of the social media focused population for whom the loss of Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat might cause horrifying results: talking to people face to face, writing letters, reading books, spending an hour outside enjoying a beautiful evening with their spouse or kids.  Eventually, social media detox might result.

"So, why don't you share our concerns about TrumpHitler, the white supremacist control of America, and homophobia/transphobia/transspeciesphobia?"  Do you want to know why Trump won?  The Democrats offered a candidate who claimed 1/4 of the U.S. population was deplorable and irredeemable.  Today, we are being told that a rally by a few thousand neo-Nazis and KKKers that turned violent when the antifas appeared shows a fundamentally racist polity.  Ideas that would have been considered fringe lunacy when I was growing up, or even 15 years ago (same-sex marriage, transgender bathrooms, sex reassignment surgery as a legal right, treating threats of nuclear attack by a crazy man as something to be negotiated away) are now considered so clearly correct that disagreeing puts one outside the realm of polite discussion.

I know that there are Americans who are racists, drug addicts, child abusers.  But I almost never meet them now that I no longer live in California.  Most Americans recognize that the elite view of us is false, and increasingly recognize that the elites are projecting their own crazy and depravity.  We support Trump because he has driven the elites to where they were driving us: madness.  He is destroying, or trying to destroy, their primary method of accumulating wealth: looting the public trough to make the billionaires richer.

We have a very skilled guy who does a variety of home repairs for us.  Some are things we could have done ourselves when younger; some are things outside our expertise (A/C repair).  He is a retired Special Forces sniper.  As you might expect, he is a bit of a gun nut.  He stopped hunting after his service in Iraq.  I suspect he lost a willingness to kill living things where he had a choice.  He collects rifles.  Remember the scene in The Matrix where Neo says, "We're going to need guns?  Lots and lots of guns."  To fight bad guys who are only projections into his brain; a visually stunning film with no logic at all.  You see that sequence of guns projected back to infinity.  Our handyman's rifle room looks a bit like that.  He just added three more ARs to his collection, and 1500 more rounds of 5.56mm.

At some point, the stormtroopers of the elites, the antifas, are going to completely lose what little self-control they have, probably in response to increased media goading.  Some Democrat urban police departments will be told to stand down rather than interfere with "the people's legitimate rage."  And us "deplorables" will have no choice but to fight back in defenses of our lives and property.

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Eskyman said...

Don't remember where I first saw it- but this sums it up:

War is coming, between shooters with a million rounds of ammo and people who are confused about what sex they are.

Reckon I know who'll win!