Sunday, September 3, 2017

Why Civil War is Inevitable, If North Korea Does Not Nuke Us First

Althouse takes to task a New Republic journalist who describes an Antifa destroying his camera Anna telling him,  "i'm on your side."  Of course he is, on the fascist side.  The media will not be happy until the re-education camps are starving us to death and denying us medical care for trying to fix Obamacare.  Arm and buy ammo.  They are coming for us after the next generation grows up and elects an Antifa President and Congress.


TM Lutas said...

Now is the time for action. I would concentrate on action that makes the accumulation of ammunition for a civil war unnecessary.

It's a plain fact that the largest chunk of property taxes goes to schools and schools in the US generally don't perform well (with a few honorable exceptions).

Tell the kids. Explain how they are being robbed of their future. Explain how to fix it with school reform, explain why the left doesn't want it fixed because they like propaganda mills that don't allow them to become financially independent.

The war would start in the schools and you don't need a single gun to set it off, nor break a single law to deeply hurt the left's strategic position.

w said...

Dear TM Lutas,

I think you idea is a waste of time unless you mean just your own kids and enough parents could somehow influence enough kids (theirs that is). Even then with the reality that kids are led by what the world of entertainment tells them probably in most cases it seems like it is a no win situation.

Sadly the vast majority of parents probably aren't involved enough in their kid's education that this could ever happen.


Clayton Cramer said...

I am amazed that Republican-dominated legislatures have not tried to reduce the resources spent on identity politics departments. The only example that I can think of is a U. of Missouri professor who wrote a paper about how pedophilia was in the same political state as feminism and abortion rights were 15 years earlier. I am not sure if this was a "rah-rah" statement or just a statement of fact. The legislature reduced that department's budget by the amount of his salary the next year.

TM Lutas said...

Dear w,

Thank you for your concern about me wasting my time. I've no idea why you would be pro-ignorance. It's not like the kids are completely unaware that there is something wrong with their schools and it's not like they are actually happy with the situation.

When we're talking about accumulating ammunition for a civil war, drying up a major source of recruits for the other side's street thug operation does not strike me as inherently a waste of time. Rather it strikes me as a pre-war operation that, at worst, would tilt the playing field in our favor and at best would avoid the whole thing, something to be desired.