Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Remarkable Courage

When a member of a leftist party speaks truth to political correctness, it is a wonderful thing.  9/2/17 Times of London:
Labour’s equalities spokeswoman was blamed for exacerbating racial tensions in an article she wrote for The Sun after the conviction of a sex-grooming gang in Newcastle upon Tyne who were largely of Pakistani origin.
The loudest howls of protest came from fellow Labour members and supporters. After a brief fight to keep her shadow cabinet role, Ms Champion stood down. It was a sacking disguised as a resignation.
Ms Champion’s crime was to address a subject that is deeply uncomfortable for many on the left. It was a sin compounded by her doing so in a tabloid newspaper that many in her party loathe....
In undeniably blunt language, under a headline that read “British Pakistanis ARE raping white girls . . . and we must face up to it”, Ms Champion, 48, tackled head on a crime with which she has become all too familiar since her victory in a 2012 by-election....
Wedding guests praise her because for most of them Rotherham was home. They know that a 2014 inquiry found that over 16 years 1,400 girls from the town were abused by groups of men who were said to be “almost all” of Pakistani heritage.
A similar pattern was seen in prosecutions of groups of men across England, including Rochdale, Oxford and, most recently, Newcastle upon Tyne, where 14 of the 17 Asian men convicted of multiple sex crimes last month were British-Pakistanis.
In case you haven't seen coverage, groups of Pakistani men in Britain have been turning out teenaged girls in many cities while local authorities ignored the problem to avoid being called Islamophobic.   (Coming to American cities soon, I am sure.)  Now if one draws the conclusion that all Pakistani men are pimps, you have drawn a bigoted conclusion.  But it is not an absurd conclusion that Islam's belief that captured non-Islamic women may be used as sex slaves ( a position the Koran teaches, as some Muslims acknowledge) could explain this monstrous behavior.  This might reduce your enthusiasm for encouraging an Islamic immigration wave.

To Labour, the choice was feminism, Islam, protecting children (pick one).

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