Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Voice Problems

I went to see an ENT today.  My GP tested for Srojen's Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the salivary glands.  Results negative; see ENT.

The ENT to my surprise was the guy who did sinus surgery on me in 2002.  His PA was an astonishing thorough guy who listened, asked lots of questions, then put a fiberoptic scope up my nose and down my throat  to look for acid reflux. which is often a cause.  He could neither say that was it, nor rule it out, so he prescribed a drug that turns off the acid pumps in the stomach, while waiting to have barium shake swallow study done.

I find the acid reflux explanation quite plausible.  I drank a milkshake before class last week, and it seemed to help; cold reduces acid action and milk is a buffer.  My daughter had acid reflux so bad a few years back, that it damaged her vocal chords.  My daughter is so frighteningly like me medically that my wife kids that my genes stomped on her genes in creation.  At least my vocal chords are okay.  I got to see from just above.

The drug is not only solving the swallowing problem, but draining my sinuses as well.  It turns out that acid reflux causes sinusitis.  I suspect that I have had this problem my whole life.  (I do not remember a time without clogged sinuses.  When an ENT drained my sinuses at 16 with a cocaine in alcohol solution sprayed up there followed by a vacuum line, it was a revelation as amazing as getting glasses in 2nd grade.)


Will said...

My recent acid reflux seems to be caused by normal amounts of ibuprofen. I've taken it for years, off and on, for inflammation of my lower back. Suddenly, this occurs, mostly at night. Switched to aspirin, and the problem, so far, has not re-occurred.

Will said...

You haven't had your tonsils removed as a child, perhaps? That operation was not refined when we were young, and they would take the glands that lubricate the vocal cords. If I talk enough, my voice goes away, especially if I have to use any volume.
If you watch old films of podium/public speakers, and they constantly sip a drink of water, that is a clue they probably had that operation.

Clayton Cramer said...

Still have my original tonsils. Aspirin and ibuprofen not allowed because of stroke risk.