Saturday, September 9, 2017

Did Rush Limbaugh Actually Denigrate the Severity of Irma?

Yahoo News:
Limbaugh has long been hell-bent on saying hurricanes and storms like it are part of a liberal conspiracy solely aimed at furthering the discussion on climate change, but his claims about Irma in his Tuesday broadcast sent many over the edge.
All the link are to HuffPost, which makes me suspicious.


AlanKH said...

The answer is no.

- Puzzlement that people hoard bottled water when they still have access to tap water.
- Global warming alarmists use hurricanes to stir more global warming alarm.
- Landfall projections this far out are premature, and the media hype causes artificial shortages in areas that are not yet in hurricane warning areas.
- "[T]hese storms, once they actually hit, are never as strong as they’re reported." They hear about the max sustained winds and assume that describes the hurricane as a whole and not just the eyewall.

Gladorn said...

I missed that episode. (I miss most of his episodes because I'm either working or sleeping.)
Honestly, most of the nutjob articles about his statements often miss that he is making absurd statements. Unless the article has a copy of his full audio or it writes down the whole segment (as opposed to selective quoting) then it is probably a B.S. article.

Years ago Rush had a segment and I found it quite funny. "Demonstrating the absurd by being absurd" or something to that affect. And then all of my liberal friends were screaming about a report that twisted what Rush joked about. Even though I told my friends that I personally listened and the article was wrong, they would not believe me.

Fake news, I'm sure.