Sunday, September 3, 2017

Bad Idea From Trump?

Instapundit mentioned the return of duck and cover, a memory of my youth.  My first thought was, the lamestream media are going to blame Trump's aggression.  But the link was to a 1/4/11 Atlantic article about the Obama Administration bringing it back.  Sad to say, it is a good idea.  Either North Korea or Iran might smuggle bombs into the U.S.  North Korea might even successfully launch and deliver.  The test just reported involved a 100 kiloton yield, so a bomb detonated in downtown Los Angeles would be survivable in Santa Monica, where I used to duck and cover in elementary school during air raid drills.

Since such an attack would likely be responded to with unimaginable destruction of the offending nation, having a few weeks of food and water is not a bad idea, while the worst tragedy in human history is being cleaned up.  If you have a basement (or better, a wine cellar), reading this U.S. Government publication might be a good idea.  If you put enough mass on the floor above your basement, you can substantially reduce your exposure to fallout, perhaps enough to survive reasonably healthy.  Improvised basement shelter plans here.

More surprising is at realtor.com (hardly what I think of as prepper heaven):
How to Build a Fallout Shelter in Your Home (on a Budget, to Boot)

Also, two inches of lead provides good protection from gamma rays.  Build yourself a structure of ammo boxes filled with ammo!  Not as good as 2 solid inches, but the steel of the ammo boxes and the brass cartridges cases combined with all that lead is better than nothing.

Here's the Cold War era item that I have around the house: The Family Fallout Shelter.

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