Sunday, July 2, 2017

Why History Matters and Government Classes Matter

A depressing set of answers from Arizona State University students to hard questions like:

1.  Howe many Senators?

2. What month do we vote for President?

3.  Year of American independence?  (No, not 1984.)

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Eskyman said...

How can we expect Womyn's Studies majors to know US History?

Besides, in their defense- not much history is taught anymore, is my understanding. There are Social Studies classes in Jr. High & High School, which go into great detail about Sacagawea but forget to mention Lewis & Clark; great depths on the deprivations suffered by slaves, but Ben Franklin gets neglected. Anything that is about old white guys isn't diverse enough to be taught.

Mark Dice (check YouTube) has a series of this type of interview. They are funny but depressing. So many beautiful young things that aren't stupid- but are ignorant to the point of despair!