Saturday, July 8, 2017

Please Give Us Publicly Available Voting Records

Trump has a commission looking into election fraud, and many state officials are refusing to turn over records that are public and for sale.  This pretty well establishes that the voter fraud problem is indeed very bad.  You won't turn over records to the federal government that anyone else can buy?  When I managed a Congressional campaign in California in 1980, and ran for city council in 1981, I had records of exactly the sort that election officials are now refusing to provide: name, address, party affiliation, last election voted in.  In the city council campaign, I found people who had voted in the last two years whose neighbors assured me that they had been dead for many years.

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John said...

A number of states have the info online for free download. Ohio, which I think is refusing to provide it to the Feds, will allow anyone, including I presume the Russians, to download 4 zip files containing the names, address, birthdate, precinct whether or not they voted in elections since 2001 and more. About 100 columns organized in CSV columns.

I predict that President Trump will let this simmer for a bit, perhaps till the end of July, maybe even to the end of August when DC gets back to work. .

Then he will Tweet something like "We are trying to assure fair elections. The states won't give us the public information we need. What are they hiding? Sad."

The press will go into a tizzy for a week or so, states will realize that they look like they are hiding something and the investigation can begin.

He is trolling the MSM again and he is a grandmaster at it.

John Henry