Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cleaning Out My Bookshelves

New carpets on Tuesday, so we are emptying bookshelves in preparation.  There are a number of books that I no longer need either because they are technical book I will never need again, or history texts that I will never use again.  If any of these books are of interest, just pay the media mail postage and I will be happy to give them a new home.  (Try not to laugh at the Pascal book, it was the 1980s.)

I will add more pictures as I work through the shelves.  I had thought of doing the same with my 1963 Encyclopedia Americana and 1983 Encyclopedia Britannica, but my wife wants an unPC reference set.  1984 is perhaps coming.


Jerry The Geek said...

Oh my ... I'm looking at so many DOS-based software & documentation packages on my bookshelf (over to the right in my bookcase) that I cannot guess the total original purchase price. I'm aware that it is in the hundreds of dollars.

FormTools Gold, MS-DOS5, Visual Basic 3.0, PC Configuration Handbook, Windows XP (Home Edition), Norton Antivirus 2003, PaintShop Pro 9, MicroSoft Word 5.5 ... I don't know why I keep them around. I guess I just hang on to them to remind myself how TECHNICAL all this Computer Crap use to be. Now it's just "Point and Click" and it's all there in the Internet.

You know how much I miss "The Good Old Days".

Not a bit!

Clayton Cramer said...

I remember when Microsoft C 5.0 came on a huge box of 1.2MB floppies and a box of manuals.

Jim Horn said...

I'm interested in the Perl and C++ books, Clayton. I've been studying both and have uses for both languages.

Many thanks!

Clayton Cramer said...

Jim: Your email is bouncing.