Friday, July 7, 2017

Amazon Reviews

Does anyone know how much influence reviews on Amazon have on purchases?  My book 

Historical Evidence Concerning Climate Change: Archaeological and Historical Evidence That Man Is Not the Cause has a low average rating because at least two reviewers downrated it for what sound like warmist reasons:

Not very coherent. Book does not flow from chapter to chapter.
The book was poorly written. Lots of typos. Thoughts were not well-developed. Author made scientific conclusions using history and archaeology without regard to science. Graphs were not properly described and labeled. The majority of the book was comprised of page after page of quotes from other sources. This seemed more like an undergraduate research project than a professionally published work.
What constitutes poor writing is a matter of opinion, but the graphs are clearly described and labelled. I would love to see some more honest reviews.  The Kindle edition is $2.99.


John said...

I am a bit late to the party but:

Is yours a Kindle book? If so, in my case anyway, the most important thing is the sample. If I see a book mentioned somewhere that sounds interesting, I immediately download the Kindle Sample.

When I get around to reading the sample, I buy or don't buy the book. I probably download 10-15 samples for every book I buy.

So I generally do not pay any attention to the Amazon reviews. I want to read a chunk of the book, perhaps the first 25 pages or so at least and I'll make my own, mental, review to guide my decision.

John Henry

Clayton Cramer said...