Friday, July 14, 2017

Acid Control

More evidence that gun control does not cool the criminal heart of Cain.  7/14/17 CNN:
London (CNN)Five men were attacked with acid in London, with one man suffering life-changing facial injuries in what police on Friday were treating as linked assaults.
The five attacks on Thursday night, which were reported to police over a 70-minute period, are the latest in a spike of incidents using corrosive liquids as weapons in robberies and gang-related violence in the British capital....
Sarah Newton, an official from the Home Office, told the BBC that tighter restrictions on acids and tougher penalties for their misuse were being discussed.
"I and my colleagues in the Home Office have been increasingly concerned about the escalation of instances -- especially in London. So, we've been working with the Metropolitan Police and community policing some months now," she said.
Parliament is due to debate the issue on Monday next week at the request of MP Stephen Timms from the main opposition Labour Party.
"Too many people are frightened of becoming a victim. Ministers need to act," said Timms in a statement before Thursday assaults....
Following an attack in June on 21-year-old aspiring model Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Muhktar, a petition on demanding that the UK Parliament require individuals purchasing acid to hold a special license now has almost 370,000 signatures.

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