Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Latest Progressive Myth

One of my fiercely progressive friends claimed that: Endocrine disruptors are why Americans have shorter life expectancies than Europeans.

Of course: the whole endocrine disruptor theory has some problems.  From Wikipedia:
There has been controversy over endocrine disruptors, with some groups calling for swift action by regulators to remove them from the market, and regulators and other scientists calling for further study. Some endocrine disruptors have been identified and removed from the market (for example, a drug called diethylstilbestrol), but it is uncertain whether some endocrine disruptors on the market actually harm humans and wildlife at the doses to which wildlife and humans are exposed. Additionally, a key scientific paper, published in the journal Science, which helped launch the movement of those opposed to endocrine disruptors, was retracted and its author found to have committed scientific misconduct.[3]
Worse, whatever progressive publication he received this ex cathedra pronouncement from is wrong:

U.S. life expectancy (white males): 76.71 (white females): 81.48.

European life expectancy (males): 75.  females: 81.

If endocrine disruptors in the environment is an issue, why are Asian-American life expectancies high than Europe? male: 84.13; female: 91.60.  Endocrine disruptors don't affect Asian-Americans?

Even (and surprisingly to me) native American expectancies are better than Europeans: 78.71 and 83.52.

Ditto for Hispanics: 80.16 and 85.44.
Blacks are the one group worse off than Europeans: 72.29 and 78.46.

Relying on progressive media is an easy way to be misinformed.

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Joseph said...

Hispanics have a higher life expectancy? Maybe refried beans are the elixir of life.